Makena History


      In "Places of Hawaii", Mary Kawena Pukui says Mākena means "abundant" or "often". There are many other meanings attached to the word Mākena, but we feel abundant is the most appropriate as it reflects the Lu'uwai family's desire to share the abundance of the Mākena area with our visitors.

    The patriarch of the family, John Lu'uwai, was born in Mākena in 1903 and spent his youth growing up fishing the area and later captained a boat that often went to the Island of Kaho'olawe. He always dreamed of owning property there and in the 1940s built a small beach house, a picture of which is now prominently displayed in the Lu'uwai's living room.

                            In the 1960s "Uncle John" and his wife "Auntie Angie" (as they
                        were called by all who came to their home) were able to purchase
                        their property for their 'ohana (family). John's dream after he retired,
                        was to live in Mākena and fish all day; Angie was more the city girl
                        and traveled to Mākena on the weekends to join him. Their aloha has
                        always offered a place to gather for family and friends. Gatherings
                        that started for one day often lasted for many. Uncle John and
                        Auntie Angie had a large family consisting of 6 children, 22
                        grandchildren, 41 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great
                        grandchildren at last count.

    We have lost some family members, including John and Angie, but their legacy lives
on at Mākena. We believe you will come to love Mākena as we have, and you will feel
the warmth of our 'ohana and become a part of Mākena because in Mākena your aloha
will only multiply.

                              Aloha, E Komo mai! - Welcome and come in!

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